Expanding Parkland Hamilton County

Hamilton County Parks and Recreation in collaboration with Beaver Gravel has filed for zoning approval with the City of Noblesville to add 50 acres of parkland to Potter’s Bridge Park over the next five years.

The project will start with an initial donation of 10 acres to Hamilton County Parks and Recreation that will also connect existing landlocked park property to Potter’s Bridge Park. The initial 10-acre donation will expand the park immediately. An additional 35+ acres will be turned over to the park for development as the project continues, providing a total of approximately 45+ acres of new parkland once the project is completed at the end of the 5 years.  This new area will also connect additional land that Hamilton County Parks owns to provide more area for people to enjoy.

Future phases of the project include a 12 acre lake that will allow for fishing, kayaking and boating. The park will be developed in five phases with the land being donated over a five-year timeframe. The first phase is the initial 10-acre donation. The second phase of park development will be on the west side of the lake and will allow park-goers to more closely interact with nature. Phase three will develop the area to the north of the lake, including new wildlife habitats. The last two phases will include additional trails, a pier over the lake and three shelter houses.