Mary Halbrand, Author at Rocks to Recreation

Enjoy walking with your dog

Calling all dog lovers!  New trails are opening up for you and your pet with the expansion of Potter’s Bridge park.  Ten new acres will be donated right away to the Hamilton County Parks and Recreation department, connecting another 20 acres that have been landlocked.  Enjoy new terrain with miles of new nature trails.  Regardless of the season, walking your dog can bring great benefits to both of you, including: improving your heart health, lowering your blood pressure, and building stronger muscles and bones.  

However, benefits to walking your dog go beyond just the physical.  Dog walking provides mental health benefits also.  First, dogs have been proven to help lower stress.  So has walking.  By taking your pooch for a walk you are getting double benefits: spending time with your dog and physical exercise. Secondly, getting out in nature has also been shown to help restore flagging attention and increase your feeling of well-being. Lastly, walking your dog can help fight loneliness.  A study on pet ownership shows that pet owners enjoy a better overall well-being than non-pet owners, in part due to the improved cardiovascular health that dog owners can achieve by walking their pet.

So enjoy walking the nature trails at Potter’s Bridge park with your best friend.

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