Park Expansion

Creating a space for the community

The initial 10-acre donation will expand the park immediately. An additional 35+ acres will be turned over to the park for development as the project continues, providing a total of approximately 45+ acres of new parkland once the project is completed at the end of the 5 years.  This new area will also connect additional land that Hamilton County Parks owns to provide more area for people to enjoy.

How will this happen?

It starts with an immediate initial donation from Beaver Gravel of 10 acres.  Then Beaver Gravel will then excavate aggregate from the remaining acres in a phased, sectioned process.  As the sections are complete, the land will be turned over to the Hamilton County Parks Department.

 What are the phases of excavation?

The first phase will be the development of Section 1. It includes the creation and completion of all berms. The drive for the south entrance will be added as well as the ingress and egress lanes from Allisonville Road.  This section will be the base of operations for the extraction.

After Section 1 is completed, Beaver Gravel will move into section 2 by removing the dirt and excavating. Once completed, the section will be turned over to the park for development. The same will be done all the way through section 10.

After Section 10 is completed, Beaver Gravel will be done with the excavation period and move into any land prep for the proposed townhomes on the parcel of land that is out of the flood area.

The phases are not determined by year, but by the timing in which the materials will be excavated. As each section is completed, it will be graded and turned over to the park. While historically the land would all be turned over at the end of the excavation period,. the goal is to get the park opened as soon as possible.

 What are the phases of the park’s development?

Park expansion phases

The park will be developed in 5 phases.  The first phase includes the initial 10 acre donation and connecting the current landlocked park property.  It also includes enhancements to the existing park property.

Park Expansion Concept for Phase 2

Phase 2 will create opportunities for park goers to interact more closely with nature.

Park Expansion Phase 3 Concept


Phase 3 will develop the area to the north of the lake to build on the natural habitats.

Park Expansion Phases 4 and 5 Concept

The last two phases of the park development will include trails, a pier over the lake and three shelter houses to provide more opportunities for residents to enjoy the park setting..

When it’s completed, the park will open an additional 20 acres of landlocked property and feature new nature trails.  The park’s trails are part of the White River Greenway Trail System which spans up to 8 miles.  With the expansion, these trails would allow increased connectivity to historic downtown Noblesville, its surrounding neighborhoods and other Hamilton County cities and towns.