Rocks to Recreation

Expanding Potter's Bridge Park in collaboration with Hamilton County Parks and Recreation by over 50 acres.

Experience new nature trails for walking, hiking and biking.  Attached to the White River Greenway Trail Corridor, the initial 10 acre donation will expand the park immediately.  An additional 40+ acres will be turned over to the park for development as the project continues, providing a total of over 50 acres of new park land once the project is completed at the end of the 5 years.

Park Expansion

Providing nature trails, a new wildlife habitat and three shelter houses.

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Creating opportunities for kayaking, boating and fishing.

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Residential Development

Designing new housing opportunities with easy access to trails through elegantly styled townhomes.

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Historically through previous project partnerships, Beaver Materials has exhibited a willingness to quickly resolve issues involving unintended environmental and aesthetic impact, and the company is known to work diligently to eliminate or minimize such impact.

The opportunity to expand Potter’s Bridge Park through this proposed partnership, is one that Hamilton County Parks views as beneficial, due to the natural resource’s enhancements and the increased recreational offerings it would present to the community.