August Mack Environmental has submitted a memorandum to clarify information in the “Noise and Fugitive Dust Monitoring Report” to respond to citizen comments made during the Noblesville Common Council Meeting.

In conclusion, the noise information provided in the report cannot and does not indicate an exceedance of any ordinance. From a noise perspective, this project is not unique. The equipment and activities that will be utilized on this site are the same that are used in almost all construction projects and the noise levels from this type of equipment is well documented. Based on the data collected and presented in the Report, no violations of the noise ordinance are expected. 

To read the full memorandum download it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a lot of noise?

Trucks only run on weekdays 7 am - 5 pm, limiting the effect on your day, and operations will NOT happen on weekends or holidays.

There will be NO

🚫 Gravel processing

🚫 Blasting

🚫 Crushing

How will dust be managed on site?

A water truck will wet the ground at the beginning and end of each workday.

Aggregate piles will be maintained and wet down, and all trucks will be tarped to minimize fugitive dust emissions into the air.

Will our roads be dusty?

No, a tire wash will clean the truck tires before they leave the site and enter onto Allisonville Rd.

Should I worry about the quality of our air?

No, the dust will be minimal because it is only an excavation site, not a gravel pit, with no gravel processing occurring on-site.

How long will the excavation project last?

The excavation will last approximately 5 years.

Will the trucks damage our roads?

No, INDOT regulated scales are used to ensure that each load does not exceed maximum tonnage or place excess strain on the roadways.